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As a celebrity makeup artist 💄 , I have early access to the best products and services in the beauty industry. When I go to private events, I typically walk away with a killer "Swag Bag," and products show up on my doorstep almost every day of the week. 🎁 Tough life huh?

I think it’s time to share a little bit of this experience with you!! 😍

Jamie’s Swag Bag is an exclusive subscription service offering the perks of Hollywood glamour, delivered right to your door. I will personally curate a monthly Swag Bag with my favorite (full-size) cosmetics and skincare products (at least five items) that are absolutely must-haves. I'll also include a fun gift that's trending hard in Hollywood (apparel, accessories,'ll have to wait and see).

Each bag has a retail value of $150 minimum, between us it’s going to be WAY MORE!!!

We only have a limited number of Swag Bags right now.

Wanna get on the list? Sign up for my crew! and we’ll send you an opportunity to join the waiting list.

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