10 Beauty Tips for Traveling with Kids


Traveling is tough enough alone. Add some kids to the mix and you’ve got yourself the Oregon Trail Game.

Going on a trip usually means taking pictures, visiting people we haven’t seen in a minute, and probably going out to dinner or an event. That means we want to look and feel our best, but running on less sleep and wrangling kids through an airport doesn’t always make that easy, you know?

I just got back from a trip home to Maryland. We saw my brother’s family, took some family outings, and I even snuck to Orlando for a hot sec to do Kaley’s makeup. 💄 Needless to say, I needed my on-the-go beauty routine to keep up with me, and I’m happy to report that I made it home alive, happy, with all children (and husband!) in tow, and with some fabulous photos and memories to prove it.

Here are some tips for maintaining beauty on the go and balancing the fam every step of the way. Would love to hear if you have any more…DM me on Instagram @JamieMakeup! ✈️


1) PACK LIGHT. Most of my must-have travel products are combos. You can find so many great skincare and makeup tools that accomplish all you need in less than you usually carry. Tinted moisturizer with SPF? Yes please. A palette with blush, shadow, and highlight? Sign me the fudge up. Here are some of my absolute favorite combo products that will lighten your load a ton. 🙌

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Jouer Blush + Bronzer + Shadow + Highlight + WHATEVER YOU WANT IT TO BE!

Jouer Blush + Bronzer + Shadow + Highlight + WHATEVER YOU WANT IT TO BE!

Stila Convertible Color Lip + Cheek

Stila Convertible Color Lip + Cheek


2) INVEST IN THE RIGHT BAG. 👜 Your makeup bag can make or break your prep, and oh my GOODNESS I get so annoyed when things get messy halfway through the trip. I’m like, wait a sec, I was just holding my mascara and now it’s M.I.A. My bag looks like a landfill of products and by the time I dig through it all it’s gonna be time to go home. WHERE IS MY MASCARA???

Yeah, don’t let that be you. Keep things organized and keep things easy by using one of my favorite travel makeup bags:



3) KEEP THOSE KIDDOS BUSY. If you’re following my Instagram stories (why wouldn’t you be…) you know I love the AIRPORT SHOE GAME. 👞👠👟 You can watch them in a highlight on my profile!! The rules are simple. Look around. Take a subtle creeper picture of someone’s shoes. Come up with a funny caption or name for them. Get your kids in on it too (just remind them that you’re having FUN and not being MEAN, you’re just people watching and being creative!). Here are some examples:

There are tons of games to play at the gate. A deck of cards can work wonders. I Spy is an OG and a classic for damn good reason! Lenni, my oldest, is super into the Tik Tok app, which easily lets you record lip synced music videos or comedy shorts…get in on the action and make a video with them.

S’well Bottles are the best

S’well Bottles are the best

4) SKIP THE IN-FLIGHT BLOODY MARY AND DRINK WATER. Bring a water bottle to the airport (empty so you can get through security, duh) and chug all day long, honey. You’re gonna want to make water your bestie for the entire trip, even more than usual! Flying dehydrates you and you’re probably going to have to live with less sleep - water will help your skin stay fresh and energized. 💧

I try to opt for aisle seats because that water intake leads to a few bathroom trips. Tooootally worth it.

5) TAKE OFF YOUR MAKEUP AND MOISTURIZE x 100000. Much better for your skin to fly without makeup. Easy way to remove it is with Face Halo (check out Kaley using hers below lol). You don’t need any product and can remove EVERYTHING.

I also love an eye mask on the plane! Who cares if you look a little crazy. If you’re worried, use a clear one, but here are some of my easy faves below. With or without a mask, you’ll want to moisturize throughout.

FACE HALO!!!!!!! Unreal for taking off your makeup and requires no product, just water. Sensitive skin babes, put your hands UP

FACE HALO!!!!!!! Unreal for taking off your makeup and requires no product, just water. Sensitive skin babes, put your hands UP

15% off with   code    JAMIE15

15% off with code JAMIE15



6) FACE MASKS FOR THE WHOLE FAM. Let’s say you’re a few nights into your trip. Everyone’s tired. The kids are tired but they’re expressing it with geared up energy and, quite frankly, madness. You need a minute. Pull out some sheet masks…for the whole entire fam. I assume you don’t give your young children face masks on the reg (maybe you do, no judgment) but mine think they’re hilarious and fun. They get to put on funny masks, and you get to freshen up and have a second to yourself!


7) KEEP IT CLEAN. We went to Dutch Wonderland and the a county fair in Maryland and spent so much time outside. I loved it, but I definitely wanted to keep everyone clean as we ate random food with our fingers and used many public bathrooms (glamoroussssss). Touchland hand sanitizer spray 💨 is the bomb because it’s not wet, it hydrates, and it’s all natural. They have cute cases that make them easy to transport, and their many flavors are all winners (if you’re not into scents, they have scentless too). I’m a big fan and I recommend for easy cleaning, both for you and everyone around you!


8) SPF ALL DAY EVERY DAY. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. No matter the season, you need to gear up on sunblock! 😎☀️😎☀️

9) DRY SHAMPOO IS YOUR BESTIE. 💁 Need I say more? Here are some awesome ones:

10) GLOW GURL, GLOW. Hoping to achieve a natural, glowy look? Get stuck in a downpour in the middle of Maryland!!!!! Just kidding, but that did happen to us. See the pics below. Honestly, that sudden shower was a perfect reminder that you gotta go with the flow when you travel. If you’re too fixated on how you look and how your exact plan is playing out, it’s going to be a lot harder to enjoy the moment. To avoid stressing over your glam (you don’t need to. you’re gorg), embrace your natural glow and let the rest come as it does.

Keep it simple. Drink your water, moisturize, and use a liberal amount of balm on lips and cheek bones to look as sparkly as you feel! Give yourself extra boosts throughout the day with hydrating sprays like Tower 28 SOS Dew (below), but besides that, don’t stress about a makeup look too much. ✨

If you’re taking your look from day to night without a ton of time, I’d recommend adding mascara, blush, highlight, and a lip color more striking than whatever you did during the day. Maybe a little shimmer on your eyes if you want to take it there, but it’s truly as easy as that!!! PRO TIP: Use your lipstick as your cheek tint and eyeshadow. Who says you can’t???


A couple more family pics from the trip, just for fun. :) Hope you found these travel tips helpful!!! Love you all 💖