5 Ways to Look Younger Instantly!

Wonder how older celebs maintain their youthful glow? Ask their makeup artists. Even though drinking plenty of water and maintaining a healthy lifestyle (both body and mind) do wonders, there's no way to completely avoid aging. But there are definitely tricks to look younger!

Your skin is a dead give away to your age. And no I’m not talking about the obvious wrinkles or crows feet. How you take care of your skin, will show on your face— either taking away some years, or adding more! So treat your face right with the perfect skincare products and it will treat you right! This means having a good day and night wash, as well as moisturizer. 

A great primer is key to helping you look younger. Not only helps your makeup from slipping off, but it also fills in any fine lines or wrinkles. Swap out your matte primer for a dewy one, or completely forgo your foundation and try a BB/CC Cream or tinted moisturizer. These 2-in-1 beauty products are perfect for gliding over any imperfections, creating an even base!

Dry and tired lines under your eyes also reveal your age, so lighten up that area with a concealer that not only provides coverage, but also moisturizes your skin! If you already have your holy grail concealer, but could use a bit more protection, apply an eye cream before you put on your concealer and again when you go to sleep. Give the eye cream a few minutes to truly soak into your skin before you apply your concealer on top of it, otherwise you’ll just draw more attention to the lines from over applying.

Don’t weigh down your eyes with an intense black eyeliner. Switch it out for a navy or dark brown to add some kindness and life to your eyes, for both a daytime and night glow! You can also add a white or nude eyeliner to your inner rim/tightline to open up your eyes further.

As we age, even our lips lose some of their volume. So to give the appearance of a more youthful face, try out a lip plumper! Make sure it has a bit of color in it to avoid looking washed out!

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