Baby Bee: Burt's Bees Baby Products

You all know I am totally obsessed with Burt's Bees, so it's no surprise that I would recommend their baby products to my closest friends and family. My kids have grown up using Burt's Bees products from the baby line, Baby Bee, to now using the "grown-up" line we all know and love. Their baby line also has special products directed towards the!!


They use only natural and organic ingredients in their products, YAY!! There is no synthetic fragrances, parabens, or sulfates used in any of their Baby Bee products. We can all agree that being able to pronounce every word on the back of the bottle is a plus. Knowing that these topical ointments and lotions will be rubbed into the baby's skin, we must take extra precautions. It is so nice to have the comfort of knowing we are able to consume the ingredients safely, and that the product isn't stocked full of chemicals. With ingredients ranging from lavender to honey, aloe to cotton, and much more, they've got a wide range of smells and benefits to offer the consumer.


When you think of Burt's Bee's Baby products, I'm sure you are thinking skincare and hygiene. Guess what?! They also carry bath time necessities, clothes made with 100% organic cotton, bedding, cribs, and more!! I love how this can be a one stop shop for gift giving or even spoiling yourself. From new mommies to the experienced multiple kid moms [like me], these products can add dimension to your current stock and give your kids the benefits they deserve.

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