Beenigma | Bee Venom Skin Care!

Good morning! I BEE-lieve it's time I shared something new & exciting with you. I'm feeling real punny, bee aware. I have to tell you guys about Beenigma, it's a New Zealand skin care brand that uses Bee Venom in their face cream. Okay, don't be afraid. Turns out, bee venom is actually incredibly benefitial for producing collagen and elastin in your skin, aka the anti-aging chemicals your skin needs. I've been using it lately & I love it, see my new video featuring Beenigma below! I was really curious to learn more about using been venom and honey in my skincare regimen, so I asked the people over at Beenigma a couple questions. Check it out!

1. When did Beenigma launch & what was the inspiration behind creating the brand?

Beenigma launched in 2011 and was inspired by the natural beauty, elegance and strength of the island country New Zealand. The two main ingredients in Beenigma, Manuka honey and bee venom are indigenous to New Zealand and both contribute to sustainable bee farming that stimulates honey bee colony growth. By using these two precious ingredients, we found that it not only gave us a unique, all natural, anti-aging face cream, but it also helped the local flora and fauna flourish. The more demand for their manuka honey and bee venom, the more bees are farmed and the better we all are for it. By using Beenigma, you are contributing to this very critical eco-system.

2. How exactly does Beenigma act as an anti-aging cream?

We use a unique blend of all-natural ingredients to make Beenigma one of the best anti-aging products out there. The combination of two of the active ingredients have not been seen in any other skincare product, Manuka honey and bee venom.

The Manuka honey helps to hydrate the skin, lock in the moisture and assist in overall absorption of the ingredients. The antibacterial properties that are unique to Manuka honey help reduce inflammation, control acne, and other dermal conditions.

The bee venom in Beenigma tricks the skin into thinking it has been stung, and as a result, the body quickly sends more blood to the skin where it begins a repair process. Part of this repair process is cell regeneration so the skin starts to produce collagen and elastin to give lift to the face and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

We recently had some clinical trials completed and the results even surprised us. There is a way of measuring wrinkles so we can tell how well any anti-aging treatment works or not, and that is something called the Modified Fitzpatrick Wrinkle Scale (MFWS). Here are a couple of the actual results from MFWS clinical trial:

•             Beenigma reduced the depth of wrinkles on the face 34% after 30 days.

•             Beenigma reduced the depth of wrinkles around the eyes 52% after 30 days.

Official Results from the Consumer Questionnaire:

•             95.24% reported their skin appears more youthful

•             90.48% reported the appearance of my fine lines and wrinkles is reduced.

•             90.48% reported their skin appears rejuvenated

•             85.71% reported their skin seems lifted

•             85.71% reported their skin complexion is more even

•             85.71% reported their skin does feels smoother

•             85.71% reported the appearance of their skin has improved

3. How is it made & what's in it?

The four active ingredients are been venom, Manuka honey, shea butter, and almond oil.

One of the most important things we would like to address here, is that Beenigma is cruelty free. We do not kill bees to collect the venom. Our business and ecosystem would not survive without taking absolute care and consideration for our bees. Beenigma is 100% cruelty free and is ethically and sustainably produced.

The method we use to extract the bee venom is called, believe it or not, milking. During the milking process, a small electrode pad is placed on a horizontal surface, and a glass plate is laid over the top. When a small electrical current is sent through the pad, it irritates the bees which causes some of them to come over and sting the pad, but because it is covered in glass, their stingers stay intact, so they do not die. Once one of the bees stings the plate, the scent stimulates other bees to begin stinging as well. When the bees leave, the venom is dried and scraped off the glass, and collected. It takes about 1 million bee stings to produce just 1 dry gram of bee venom.

Manuka honey comes from only one small place in the world. The Manuka tree is a species that is native to New Zealand, and when it flowers, our lovely bees help to spread their pollen and produce the worlds best medicinal honey. It is commonly used to treat acne, eczema, burns, sore throats and much more.

The two other active ingredients are Shea butter and almond oil. Shea butter helps absorb ultraviolet light, contains vitamin A & E, and also helps reduce fine lines, scars, stretch marks, and inflammation. The almond oil contains vitamin E and essential minerals, and helps to lighten dark circles.

4. How should we apply it & how often?

The application of Beenigma really depends on the individual. Many people love that Beenigma absorbs quickly into the skin and doesn't leave the skin feeling greasy or oily, so applying it as a daily moisturizer before their makeup, works perfectly for their morning routine.

For the dryer winter months or for dry skin, we recommend applying Beenigma once in the morning and once in the evening. During the seasons where the air holds more moisture or if you tend to have oily skin, we recommend using Beenigma once a day. Beenigma is also great as a mask, and for this we recommend applying a healthy amount to the face and neck (décolleté), let it set for about 15 minutes and then wipe off.

5. Is there anyone who shouldn't use Beenigma?

We recommend people that have a known bee allergy, to avoid using Beenigma. If you don't know if you have an allergy to bee venom, you can simply apply beenigma to the bottom of the wrist, or behind the ear for a couple of days to see if there is any kind of irritation.

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