Brand Rave: Carbon38

It’s a new year, which means it’s time to update not only your workout regime, but also your workout clothes!! Ain’t nothin’ wrong with a little tuck here and there while you sweat, and Carbon 38 does just that! What I love about their workout spanxs is how they keep everything in place! These are next generation spanx guys, I’m serious! They’re stylish, they’re affordable and most importantly, they help you feel confident while you workout.

Carbon38 collaborates with top designers like Stella McCartney and Koral to bring you a wide range of workout options. From leggings, sports bras and tops, to outerwear, swimwear and more, they are perfect for any sport! Whether you enjoy running, dancing, yoga, kickboxing, tennis, zumba or rock climbing, there's definitely something for everyone for anything. You can wear them both to the gym, and to do errands! They also come in these awesome prints and comfortable sizes for every woman to enjoy.

So put away those food-stained sweat pants and start the year in something sweat worthy!