Complete Makeover: Bathroom Edition!

I recently did a complete makeover...not a makeup makeover, a BATHROOM makeover.

With baby number three due any day now, I am in FULL nesting mode. The bathroom that our kids use needed a major update and I wanted to get it done before the baby arrived. With a little help from my friends Kindra and Yael, I did the damn thing and you can check it out in this video:


My favorite part of the renovation was the AMAZING wallpaper my daughter Leni chose from

Spoonflower is an on-demand, digital printing company that prints custom fabric, wallpaper, and gift wrap. They have so many options and they’re easy to use. They have water-activated or peal-and-stick…guys. It was SO easy.

Stop what you’re doing and check out if your house needs a glow up!!!