Fun (and Creative!) Date Ideas

Between juggling kids and work, it can be hard to squeeze in much needed quality time with your boo. That’s why whenever Josh and I have days off at the same time, we make sure to spend it together! Here are some great date night ideas for you to try out with that special someone. Whether it’s an important occasion like an anniversary, or a much needed bonding night, these ideas will sweep your significant other off their feet!!

  1. Chocolate Tasting Night: Forget the typical wine and cheese tray and tend to that sweet tooth! Both of you buy a bunch of different chocolates brands, print out a tasting sheet mat and go crazy! Read more about it here.

  2. Go On a Picnic: Without the kids! A picnic is a sweet gesture to get you outdoors, view the scenery and take in the fresh air. Finally visit that beautiful park you always drive by. Bring a bottle of bubbly, your favorite meal and enjoy!

  3. Rewind: Go to where you had your first date! Is the restaurant still the same? Does the same waiter still work there? It’s a great way to talk about how far you’ve come, and laugh about what silly things you did to impress each other!

  4. Bucket List Wish: Surprise your S.O. with something that’s been on their bucket list for years! Skydiving? Hot air balloon ride? Shooting range? Be spontaneous and just do it!!!

  5. Cooking Class: Even if you both know how to cook, it’ll be a great way to just get out there and be out of your comfort zone. You guys can pick up some new cooking tips from your instructor, or teach your peers a thing or two! Either way, you’ll be leaving with a brand new recipe! YUM.

  6. Pamper Time: Book a couples massage or facial! Spend some quality time without even having to talk! Get the ultimate relaxing kit and some much needed R&R.

  7. Get Active: A Color or Mud run is a great way to get active and have fun!! Go to to find one in your area!