A Day In The Life of Leni!

A Day In The Life of Leni!

Hey guys! Today I am introducing you to my daughter, Leni!!! We are sharing some of her favorite products and what she does in her free time!

First off, did you guys know Leni has her own YouTube channel now? Subscribe to her channel for all things kids, toys, and fun! Below are some of her videos.

Leni is only 5 years old, but let me tell you... she has more personality than most adults I know. Leni loves color and quirky things, like her mama. One of her favorite things to do is to color her hair purple, pink, or green. She's so creative and I love it! I always encourage her to express herself through her style, videos, games, etc. Below are some of her go-to products. I love this Jerome Russell hair color, it's temporary and totally safe!

Let me know which products your kids love!