Diversity, Self-Acceptance, and Orcé's Revolutionary Foundation


Yu-Chen Shih y’all. That is a name worth remembering. Not only is she young, smart and kind, but she is revolutionizing makeup with her cosmetics brand, Orcé. I sat down with Yu-Chen and learned about the past that brought her to creating these products: she grew up feeling rejected from Asian standards of beauty. After years of struggling with self-acceptance, she created a line with shades and options that aren't usually offered to the beautiful people who don't fit into society's ridiculous mold.

I come from a different background but could absolutely relate to her struggles with rejection, pressure, self-love, and the idea that we have to conform in order to be beautiful. No way, honey, and I love that Orcé is working to change that.

Listen to her story and leave a comment if it speaks to you. I learned so much from her about her culture, community and, of course, her products! To step away from the story and talk about the makeup itself, I have ALWAYS said that people need a few shades of foundation. Skin changes with the seasons and the time! It is so hard to find a one-shade-fits-all for foundation, so Orcé’s Experience Set, which offers 3 smaller foundations for an amazing price of $30, allows you to try 3 similar shades and find your fit.

If one is too light or dark, nooooo problem. You can still use it as a contour or highlighter, and then you can move on to buy your fave (or faves) in the full-size foundation bottle next. Like I said in the video, brands are gonna copy this…calling it now! It’s a great idea and I love love love it. 😍


Full-size Foundation

Full-size Foundation

Just the beginning

I think it’s fair to say that there is still a lot that needs to change in the beauty industry and the media. I’m curious what you think could be done in the makeup community to push this inclusiveness forward. Leave a comment on the YouTube video to continue the conversation. Even if you don’t have a thought about this in particular, I would love to hear your personal story or what your reaction is to the video!!

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Thank you so much for watching boo and let me know if you have any more questions for Yu-Chen. I’d be sooo happy to pass them along!

And of course, let me know if you try the Orcé products!! Always love hearing what you think. 😍