Easy Makeup for Hardworking Ladies!

Germonique is a badass working mama who sticks to a minimal makeup plan every day. We decided to sit down, go through her usual routine, and add easy ways to amp it up! We also took the look from day to night, for any times when she has to rush from work to an event or the occasional date night (call the babysitter!!).

I love Germonique so much and she already had a good idea of what type of style she likes. I assume many of you will have similar routines, apprehensions, and questions about makeup, so hopefully this video helps you out as well!

All of the steps and the products we used are below, and I would love if you leave comments about more questions you might have regarding your every-day makeup look (or anything we touched on in the video). You can also DM me @JamieMakeup, duhhhh!




  1. Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Eye Masks work in two ways: they wake up and hydrate the skin, and they make it easier to do your eye makeup…if you mess up, it lands on the mask and not your face! If you’re a woman on the go, throw these on right when you wake up as an easy way to refresh. To my kids’ embarrassment, I like to wear them in the car when I drop them off at school. They’ll get over it!

  2. For Germonique, I used a light neutral powder with Eyebrow Stencils (for her, I used “Petite”) and can you believe how great they looked?! So natural, and to make sure they didn’t look too harsh, I brushed them on lightly and brushed out the inner ends so the line there wasn’t rigid. That way it looks less permanent. This is perfect if you have smaller, lighter, or thin eye brows you want to accentuate, but you’re a little nervous to do it. The stencils are easy y’all.

  3. Adding a mascara to your daily look can truly make all the difference. Long, thick lashes brighten up your face. To make it last all day long, using a lash primer before applying mascara is the key, so I used the 2-in-1 Honest Beauty Primer and Mascara on Germonique (it’s easy and quick). Also, I made sure Germonique knew how to get really close to the lash line and to wiggle as she applies, which separates each lash!

  4. Hydrate hydrate hydrate! Next we took off the masks, rubbed the remaining oils into the skin, and put on some classic Burt’s Bees Lip Balm.

  5. We both looooove Too Faced Born This Way Concealer, so we dabbed on a little under her eyes and in the spots she thought she needed (around her mouth, chin). Then we blended with a Beauty Blender, and it blurred her complexion and looked super natural. You don’t need a full face of foundation - sometimes all you need is good concealer in the right places.

  6. To complete the daily look, we put on her fave lipstick, Dior 904 in Black Coffee.

  7. But you know me, and I break rules!!! Even if she had to run out the door for a meeting, Germonique still had the time and tools to throw on some color in her cheeks. All she needed was the same lipstick, Dior 904!! I swiped a little on her cheeks and used my hands to blend. People don’t need a ton of new products if they know how to utilize what they already have!!!


Say she wanted to elevate the look for something special, or maybe she had an event at night she had to run to after already wearing her usual makeup all day. Here are the little things we did to amp up the look from above!

  1. I added a MAC Bronze Highlight to the bone of her cheek. Germonique had a lot of questions (and fears!) about contouring - she thought it required all those dark lines around your face you see the Instagram Makeup Models putting on. Nope. Using a highlighter brought out any of the contouring she needed, and it was eeeeeasy!

  2. I mixed a light brown and bronze eye shadow color (I used MAC)

  3. Using my angled brush and black/grey eye shadow from MAC, I did a light cateye with POWDER ONLY! This is subtle and easy. If you want to leave it at that, it’s a perfect way to elevate your eyes without the heavier eye liner.

  4. If you want to add liner over your cateye with shadow, get it gurl! I used Germonique’s Maybelline Liner in Smooth Charcoal (this is a goodie), crushed a little on my hand, and used a brush to perfect the cateye over her shadow.

  5. Last but not least, I added a touch of red to her lipstick (she was already wearing from earlier). Dab a little on the cheeks too…break the rules!! This red isn’t heavy, but it’s a step up from the day lip look and it’s two combined lipsticks, so it’s an original color! How very chic of you.

I hope you love this look!! Let me know what questions you have, and if you want more looks and tips like this, sign up for my crew!!