Should YOU be using an Eye Cream?

If you don’t already have an eye cream added to your beauty and skincare regime you better buy one today! I’m not kidding. Unlike some skincare products, eye creams are not a gimmick. Our eyes show the first sign of fatigue and of course our age. Crows feet, wrinkles, dark circles, fine lines are all dead giveaways. The skin under our eyes are so delicate, yet we’re constantly abusing them with drying concealers, harsh brushes and dirty beauty tools. That’s why it’s so so important to take care of our under eyes, both day and night! Using eye creams early on in life can help slow down the aging process around your eyes. It hydrates with antioxidants and helps combat fine lines.

I always apply an eye cream at night, and at least 3 to 4 times a week during the day. A night time eye cream gives your eyes the most time to rest and soak in the benefits and remedies of a night eye cream. While a day time eye cream preps your skin for a full day of concealer. Shop some of the best eye creams out now!