False Lashes vs. Eyelash Extensions

Everyone’s always asking me what the difference is between falsies and extensions. Is one better than the other? Which one is less high maintenance? Which one is the most long lasting? Well if I’m being perfectly honest— I love them both!! Some days I’m a falsies girl, and other times I can’t be bothered and eyelash extensions get the job done. Let me break down the differences between the two so you can figure out which is best for you!!

False Lashes

They come in a wide range of shapes, volumes, lengths— perfect for any event! You can get them in bundles or separately, and if you take care of them (wash/soak them in soapy warm water and air-dry), these bad boys can last you up to 10-15 looks! After that —or if you ever feel your eyes becoming irritated or dry— it’s definitely time to get a new pair. This includes your eyelash glue too!! Some of my favorite lashes are Ardell and House of Lashes, and of course I can't forget DUO Lash Adhesive.

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are easier in that you don’t have to keep reapplying them. However, they definitely require a more consistent upkeep. Your eye is a very important, very sensitive part of your body, so you should opt for the most professional clinics. This means putting out some money. Otherwise, if you go to a cheap, not well-respected place, you could permanently damage not only your lashes, but your sight! Make sure to ask questions to ensure that they have a valid license and check out pictures of their work, company/individual reviews, etc.

What’s great about extensions is that they look natural, and you can customize them to fit your eye shape and taste. When they are done right, they give you this effortless, flirty look!  The bad thing about false lashes is that you can’t use oil-based products near your eyes, so you’ll have to eliminate some eyeliners, eyeshadows, mascaras and eye creams for awhile. Watch my video below for more eyelash extension tips!