Friends Friday | Fiona Stiles

Fiona Stiles is one of the OG's of the makeup business. I remember hearing all about her when I first got started. She is not only an incredible artist, but she also is the "Formula" girl. I remember one time when I was at her house and she was sharing all her favorite foundations with me. I'll never forget how meticulous she was with her detail and knowledge. She was a chemist in her own way. She impressed me so much and made me conscious of knowing which products go for each skin type.

Not only is she an industry pioneer, but she's also super cool and a dope MOM! She even has her own amazing makeup site, ReedClarke. Trust me, it'll be your favorite new place to online shop! I'm so happy she spent some time answering these questions. Check her out!


How long have you been in the industry?

20+ years.

What was your first job?

I think my first "big" job was a campaign for Chippewa boots. They paid me in boots as well as $100, which to me was a big deal at the time.

Have you always wanted to be professional makeup artist?

In all honesty I didn't even know it was a career option. I fell into it accidentally after I graduated from college. But I have loved makeup ever since I was a tiny child, gleefully and liberally applying my mom's makeup whenever I could. I actually went to school for fine art photography.

You’ve worked with legends such as Mario Testino and Annie Leibovitz, what campaign was a complete “pinch me” moment?

For me, my "pinch me" moment was working with David Bowie. I worked as his makeup artist for about 5 years and it was just amazing. I'm not sure anything will ever top that.

What’s your favorite event to makeup a celebrity for? Why?

I know the Oscar's are very glamorous and all, but I love getting a client ready for one of their movie premieres versus the big gala events. I just love how personal it is and how invested they are in their projects.

Tell us about Reed Clarke.

I launched Reed Clarke in 2014. I have always been a beauty hunter, for as long as I can remember I’ve loved finding and trying out amazing beauty products.  I realized one day that about 50% of my job is me talking about beauty products; which things I think work the best, which ones I love, where I found them etc. and  lightbulb went off…. I should just sell a collection of all of these favorites with little stories about why I love them or where I found them.

How is Reed Clarke different from other retail beauty websites?

Well, it’s very, very personal, you really get a peek into my soul on this site.  There are products on here that I’ve been using for years, products that I bring back from my travels abroad, products and items that are exclusive to the site, and collaborations that I’ve done with small batch beauty companies.  I did a collaboration with the amazing brand Ritual De Fille, creating a custom cream eyeshadow color for Reed Clarke.  We have a hair pin that we carry exclusively, and I just designed a delicious cashmere travel blanket/scarf that is up on the site (I haven’t taken mine off since I got it in!) There’s an intimacy on the site that I think is really and truly unique to Reed Clarke.

How hands-on are you when it comes to selecting the brands and products for your site?

How hands on?  Like 100% hands on. Every single product on the site is selected by me personally.  I do love hearing from friends if they find something amazing that they love, and I’ll always buy those suggestions and try them out myself.…. I test out each product that I get, and a lot don’t make the cut.  If I don’t like the texture or the fragrance or if I find it to be kind of middle of the road, I won’t buy it for the site.  I also don’t want the selection to be items that you can get anywhere.  Wheat’s the fun in that? I won’t throw any old thing up there, it would dilute the integrity and honesty of the site.  I stand behind every single product on it, and they are all things that I use personally and/or in my kit.

What are some of your favorite products/tools that are available?

Oh dear, that’s like choosing a favorite child!  Let’s see, I’ll break it down into categories…..


+ Ponaris is a life saver for when you fly. It’s a nasal emollient that keeps your nasal passages moist so viruses can’t get into tiny fissures in the membranes.  I won’t fly without it!

+ Tsubota Perfume rollers.  They’re small, empty fillable containers for perfume that make carrying fragrance with you so easy and convenient.  They come with a little funnel that you spray your favorite fragrance into and then you just roll on your perfume.  Genius.   I like to color code mine, a different color for each scent.


+ The Jenny Patinkin brushes are a must for anyone who cares about makeup.  The brushes are hand made in Japan and are super crazy soft.  Having the right tool for the job is clutch, and these will keep your makeup game strong.

+ Nu Evolution Mascara is amazing.  It totally doesn’t flake, smear or run like the other natural mascaras I’ve tried.

+ Armour lip glosses are a no-brianer.  They come in delicious colors and are so easy to wear.


+ The YS Park Rose Gold hair pin is the best gift ever.  So chic.  


+ Our travel blanket is the most luxurious gift.  Whoever you buy it for will love you forever (this is the best gift to give yourself this holiday season).

+ In Fiore Veloutee Multi Purpose Balm comes in a stunning compact and can be used on the lips, cuticles or even around the eye area.  

What experience do you hope your clients find when shopping through Reed Clarke?

I hope they feel like they’re having a conversation with me.  I hope that they feel the love and passion that I have for beauty products and they discover new favorite products that they can’t live without.  There is nothing more satisfying than getting an email from a customer saying that they love something that they bought or that they are really, really into the site.  I’ve had a couple of customers who have bought every single thing I sell.  Every. Single. Thing.  That’s a testament to the trust my customers have in my selections, which is the ultimate praise.

Any advice for young people today to make it in this business?

Be kind to everyone. Don't get too big for your britches. Work as hard as you can. Be genuine. Don't be lazy. Under promise and over deliver.

How can people find you?

Instagram: @fionastiles

Periscope: @fionastiles