Friends Friday | Ashlie Johnson, Celebrity Manicurist

Guuuuuyyyys this week on Friends Friday we are interviewing the super talented Ashlie Johnson!! You may recognize her name from my Instagram and Facebook accounts because she is a part of our super AWESOME glam squad. Ashlie is in charge of making sure Kaley Cuoco's nail game is on point! I asked you guys on twitter what questions you were dying to ask Ashlie and here they are with her answers!!!

How long have you been in the industry?

It's about 15 years now.

What drew you to a career as a manicurist full time?

I've always been into beauty...I've never had a job that was not in the beauty industry actually. I got my license in high school because I thought it would be fun and I’d make more money working in a spa during college than lets say a store or bar like a lot of people do. I was always loved fashion, photography, and magazines, but wasn’t sure totally how to break into that world. Then I moved to LA and started working at a very hot salon, that also had an agency. A woman came in one day and got a manicure, turns out she was a writer for the LA times and wrote an article about me. There really wasn’t many on set manicurists back then, so the agency saw the article and asked me to join. So from then on it just kinda snowballed and turned into a very fun and busy niche career.

What was your first professional experience like?

One of my first shoots was very surreal, it was a V magazine cover of Kate Moss by David Sims… It was basically the best day of my life. It was at her house in Malibu and she had a broken leg or foot so she was on crutches and she just grabbed this Ralph Lauren poncho and threw it on and he snapped the photo. That was the cover, and I knew I wanted to do this everyday.

What should everyone know when it comes to proper nail care?

People should know that less is more most of the time. The skin and cuticle is there for a reason (to keep out germs and infection) So you have to be gentle and careful about who you let do your manicures. I see people going to places that don’t really care about the health of your nails, the look, and are in a hurry; this can cause a lot of nail damage.

Do you have any tips/tricks on keeping your nails looking their best all the time?

If you keep a file in your purse and a little cuticle nipper for a hang nail it will save your nails. This way if you break a nail or get a hang nail while out and about your not going to chew them and make them worse, you’ll have the tools right on you to save them.

What do you recommend using to prevent dry cuticles?

I don’t like the feeling of creams on my hands during the day, and your usually just washing it off anyway. So at night I use Chanel’s Body Excellence Hand Cream before bed. I rub it on my hands and massage the cuticles and also my arms and elbows. In the morning you can see a big difference and it has had time to soak in and the skin is so soft.

Gel or regular nail polish, which would you recommend your clients to use?

I am only an advocate of gels if your going on vacation and don’t want to mess with your nails. For everyday I love the new Chanel long wear Vernis. The base coat has cerimides and peptides to fortify your nails while you wear it, and the New Le Gel Coat gives you the look and wear of a Gel without the light and harsh removal process. Plus they always have the best colors!

Take us through a normal day of being Ashlie Johnson, celeb manicurist

Everyday is a bit different, but it always starts with me walking my dog Lily (she’s a Cavalier King Charles) to the Oaks for coffee. I'm on some kind of set almost every morning, so I'm either driving to the beach, the desert, or studio very early. Then I get to work, start collaborating with my clients and then work with the stylist and photographer to choose a look. I usually don’t stay on set all day, since once the look is set there isn’t much time or reason to change it. So then I see private clients at their homes, which I love as well! I've known most of my clients for over 10 years so they feel like family. After all the running around I get home usually around 7 or 8 and try to do a workout (soul cycle or the gym) and talk a friend into going to Sugarfish with me! :)

We want to stay connected, Where can we find you?

Instagram: @Ashlie_Johnson

It's the only thing I can keep up with, I do it myself and it's a mix of my personal and professional life.