Get the Look: Busy Philipps "No-Makeup Makeup"

Y’all know I love funny women, and Busy Philipps is one of the best around. She just started her own TALK SHOW on E! and we are so proud!! It’s called Busy Tonight and we have to watch it…let me know in the comments what you think.

I did her makeup for the cover of The Cut (read it here!), and I think it’s a perfect example of the No-Makeup Makeup look. We kept it natural and brought out the glow and gorgeousness that was already there.

What was the secret that made the natural beauty possible? Say it with me: HYDRATION. You have to hydrate the heck outta your face for a look like this. Actually, you have to hydrate the heck outta your face in general!

You can see how I made the look in my video, or read the steps below!!

Get the look:

  1. Start out with some By Terry Baume de Rose lip balm because, yum. It feels great.

  2. Rub a few drops of Joanna Vargus Rescue Serum all over your face. It will help illuminate your skin and make you GLOW girl.

  3. Joanna Vargus Daily Hydrating Cream. It smells like a spa and is so good for hydrating. All skin types can use it too.

  4. Mask time! I used the Patchology Kim Chi Mask (shout out to Kim Chi and Rupaul’s Drag Race hunney). I told you there were a lot of hydrating steps.

  5. Stick some Shiseido Eye Masks on to freshen up under those eyes. You can take all the liquid from the mask and rub it in everywhere.

  6. I put on the Kate Somerville DermalQuench Wrinkle Warrior because it works wonders.

  7. While keeping the eye masks on, get started on your brows with the Anastasia Brow Definer. I used it in Soft Brown.

  8. For Eye Shadow, I put on some MAC Cream Eye Shadow in a Taupe color. Very natural all over the lid.

  9. Next, add a little Mac Eye Shadow, in the color Kid, over the cream. The cream you put on before will help this adhere really well.

  10. Pump up the eye shadow a little bit more with MAC Brown Script, which is an orange-brown. Using a very fluffy brush (MAC 217 Brush is great) wash it all over to really make it pop.

  11. Next, fill in the lash line. I love using a flat Laura Mercier Eyeliner Brush and sticking the cream under my eyes. Crazy, I know. But it works! I use the Makeup Forever Aqua Black for liner, even though it’s technically an eye shadow. I BREAK THE RULES.

  12. I love Wander Beauty Mascara (it comes in a tube!) and then I really get in there with the Troy Suratt Mascara, which is a smaller brush. The small brush really hits the spot, laying each lash individually.

  13. Bye-bye mask!! Take it off and look at your gorgeous skin!!!!

  14. Put a little more mascara on your bottom lashes.

  15. With a brush, I applied the Becca Instant Complexion Refresh Primer. The purple undertone cancels sallowness and adds even more glow.


16. For foundation, the Koh Gen Do Moisture Foundation is perfect for this. Move with a brush and press it into the skin. It makes it look and feel more and more natural.

17. Let’s get some blush on. I applied the Wander Beauty On the Glow Blush in a Nude Glow. I truly just use my hands. Then I added their Soft Pink over the Nude Glow, just to add a pop of rosey color.

18. Go over that with Tom Ford Sunstruck Blush, which is more peachy. Blend blend blend.

19. Go over THAT with Lillian Blush by Stila. So many steps, I know!!!! It’s a lot of work to look natural!!!

20. A little concealer under the eyes. I used Nars Medium Radiant Creamy Concealer, and I blend it in with my ring finger because it’s my weakest.

21. Hit the T ZONE with La Mer Pressed Powder.

22. Swipe under the eye with a little neutral eye shadow to just touch up a bit.

23. For lips, I used Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in Kidman's Kiss.

24. Blot it all, put lip stick on your cheeks for more color, do what ya feel!!!! But that’s it guys! A very clean, super hydrated, glowing, gorgeous look that should bring out the very best of your natural beauty!

If you try to emulate this look, you should post it on Instagram and TAG ME in your post or story! It would make my day to see you try it. Ugh, I’m like welling up just thinking about it.

Love ya!!



Jamie Greenberg