Get the Look: Kaley Cuoco x Charlotte Tilbury for Golden Globes


Kicked off awards season by getting my girl Kaley ready for Golden Globes 2019!! We didn’t go into it with a specific look planned out, but we did know she’d be wearing a dress with navy (how stunning, right?). That was the inspiration, and we wanted the eye liner to match it. It ended up bringing out Kaley’s eyes so well! Of course, because we were using Charlotte Tilbury, making Kaley’s skin look healthy and naturally gorgeous was inevitable. Their makeup and SKINCARE is so amazing, and Kaley’s pretty amazing too, so I’d say it was a match made in heaven (or in a hotel room where we got ready…either way, I’m taking credit).

Shout out to the amazing crew that helped complete the look: 💇 Christine Symonds, 👗 Brad Goreski and Daniela Romero, 💅 Jolene Brodeur

Here’s how we got the look:


Goddess Cleansing Ritual Duo: We all deserve to cleanse like goddesses!!!!! Ritual 1 is a super-charged, glow-boosting citrus radiance that clears away impurities. Ritual 2 is a cream-to-foam formula that tackles the deeper-rooted environmental dirt waaay down in there. These are the products Kaley used to get her skin ready for the event.

Magic Eye Rescue: This anti-aging eye cream works so well and super fast. It rebuilds and renews skin cells for a smooth, velvety texture, and it fills in lines on the surface that refreshes the skin instantly. Perfect for constant use and for prepping an event!

Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Masks: Kaley and her hubby Karl probably had too much fun with these. Don’t be fooled by the mild resemblance to hannibal lecter (every face mask looks a little freaky, let’s be honest) but this one latches on to your ears so it doesn’t fall off!! How have we not thought of that before?! It’s a dry mask, so you activate it by massaging, and you can re-use them which is awesome. They get that glow on and hydrate your skin, even though they’re dry. Super super cool masks and we love them!!

Magic Cream: Ugggghhhhh I am obsessed with this stuff. Charlotte’s Magic Cream is a uniquely magical blend of oils and actives…a ‘magic 8’ of skin-savior ingredients. This unique combo of both oils and actives means that the effects are immediate. It perfectly preps the skin for makeup.

Dermaflash: Also, before the magic cream, I used dermaflash on Kaley for the first time! She diiiied. It smoothed the skin, got rid of pesky peach fuzz, and exfoliated. Such a perfect tool to keep skin healthy and help makeup stay on longer. I am #obsessed. 🚨 Use code JamieVIP for a discount!!


Brow Lift Eyebrow Pencil: Filled in Kaley’s brows in the color Grace K.

Luxury Palette Shadow: This palette in Pillow Talk is just enough to bring out a shimmering eye without overpowering natural beauty.

Rock ‘N’ Kohl Iconic Liquid Eyeliner Pencil: This was the navy liner we used to subtly match her dress, and the color was Marlene Midnight. I used a brush with the pencil to make the line just right, and I used q-tips to touch it up along the way (nobody’s perfect).

Full Fat Lashes Mascara: In the amazing Glossy Black.

Light Wonder Foundation: I use this foundation so so much. For Kaley we used it in 5, and it was so perfect for evening the skin tone and keeping it natural.

I also used Hollywood Flawless Filter Foundation in 6, which was a dark tan color (that girl had a killer tan so I needed a killer product for the complexion…success)

Magic Away Liquid Concealer: We’re so into this concealer because it works (duh) but it also has an awesome applicator. It’s easy to apply and blend, and it goes on so smoothly and naturally. You don’t have to worry about product build-up or anything like that.

Magic Powder: A must for red carpet photos!! Awesome powder, not messy, and perfect for touch-ups throughout a long night. Kaley took this with her! We also threw a little on Karl!

Beauty Light Wand Easy Highlighter Spotlight: Here’s another product with a fantastic applicator. This added an easy radiant finish. Just swipe and shine, baby!

Contour Wand Sculpture Facile in Fair/Medium: I did contour Kaley’s cheeks a little bit using this wand. Nothing crazy, just a bit on the high end of her cheek bone blended in to define the face.

Beach Stick Blush: I love a liquid blush stick. It stays on and blends super well. We used this in the color Moon Beach on Kaley, which added a rose-gold glimmery finish.

Lip Cheat Lip Liner: Lined the lips in the pink nude color before applying light lip gloss.

Lip Lustre Lip Gloss: In the color Hall of Fame! This is a sheer glossy pink.

Cheek to Chic Swish & Pop Blusher: You know me and blending blushes. Came back in with a little of this powder in Love Glow to add that final touch of pink cheeks. There are two colors that blend together on this product, and they really bring out the best in your face!

A few (of MANY) must-haves from Charlotte Tilbury:

She was gorgeous!!! I hope you loved the look as much as we did, and let me know on Instagram what else you want to see!!