My New Obsession: Grande Lash MD

Guys, I am absolutely obsessed with Grande Lash MD!!! Let me describe my first experience using the lash primer and mascara in a series of events:

  1. "Woah, this feels pretty nice on."

  2. "Hmm, my lashes actually look longer, already. What the heck?"

  3. "Oh my freaking goodness!!! Look at my lashes they're way longer. WHAT?!? OMG HOW HAVE I NEVER KNOWN ABOUT THIS?"

  4. "They're way thicker too & I HAVEN'T EVEN PUT MASCARA ON YET."

  5. *Puts Grande Lash mascara on* "What the f*@# this sh#*t is amazing!"

  6. "I need more, I need to use this everyday on myself & all my clients!"

  7. *Immediately goes and orders more*

Literally, this products has some of the best results I have ever seen, and I try a lot of products so that's saying something. They also make a lash conditioner which I am going to start trying immediately. Where has this product been all my life?

I have included a link to shop the lash conditioner above. You can shop the primer, mascara, and more Grande products here. Get on this products guys, it's no joke. Also, I'm doing a FB Live of these products today head over to my FB here to catch it.