Gym Makeup…Keep It Simple

GYM MAKEUP! Seems a little odd. Bear with me!

If you make it to the gym, that is AMAZING. You deserve to feel empowered, comfortable, and ready to give a workout your all. For a lot of people, the gym is intimidating - it’s vulnerable, challenging, and doesn’t it seem like there is always someone who looks like a freakin’ Olympian on the treadmill next to us? Like, ok, we get it, you can run a 30-second-mile, JEEZ!!! Anyway, despite all of the things that intimidate us, we deserve to feel our best at the gym. We’re giving our bodies, minds, and souls something awesome, and we should do so in a confident head space no matter what!

Some may think it’s silly to put effort into exercise clothes, an exercise hair do, or exercise makeup…but I think it can be a total asset. When you’re not worried about those things, you can focus on yourself and your workout, not avoiding someone you know so that they don’t see you without makeup on. If you like wearing makeup, wear makeup and feel your best!! That way, you can go out and do your best, and that’s what this is all about.

But it’s gotta be simple. We’re getting our sweat on, so this is a perfect look for the gym, a hike or workout date. Check out my video below, and you'll look natural and ready to workout in no time!

Simple Gym Makeup Tips

    • Use a BB Cream that has SPF and is light. This acts as somewhat of a foundation, but won't clog your pores during a makeup. SPF is also great if you're working out outside.

    • Just use an eyelash curler, rather than mascara. Such an easy step.

    • Use a tinted lip balm, so you don't look so flushed. Easy way to add a bit of color.

    • If you want to, apply a tiny thin line of waterproof eyeliner on your top lid. This will ad some definition. Shop some of my favorite products below!

My workouts have been crazy lately, but I LOVE THEM! My trainer Simon seriously kicks my ass daily. Working out is incredibly good for your body and your mind, I would highly encourage everyone work out. Be sure to drink plenty of water during and after your workouts & most importantly HAVE FUN!