Hair Tips for Moms on the Go

These days I have noooo time for anything, not even a touch up. This is a problem if I'm meeting with potential new clients or attending an event at Leni's school after work. So I'm going to let you guys in on some secrets I use to keep this crazy mane under control!


I always have hairspray in my bag. I love Bumble and Bumble Strong Finish Hairspray because it lasts SO long. Two weeks ago we saw the many different hairstyles of NYFW, and the one thing most of them had in common was that they used this hairspray too!


Our hair is so much more manageable when it’s dirty...I'm sure you’ve heard this before. We’re also not supposed to wash our hair every single day, so I usually go 2-3 days without doing so. Around day 3, I get a little grease up by the roots, so dry shampoo is the savior. After spraying it on the roots, I throw my hair up in a cute bun! After a day or two of not washing our hair we tend to get a little grease up by our roots so I use dry shampoo and then throw my hair up in a cute bun. Especially since I have bangs, dry shampoo is great so I don’t have even more oils on my face from the hair.


Last but not least, I love the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour All-Over Miracle Oil!! I've mentioned this stuff before because I can throw it in my purse and use it literally ALL OVER!! If my skin feels dry, my hair gets frizzy, or there are just too many fly-aways...I just spray some in my hand and rub it in.

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I would love to hear all about your "Mom On The Go" hair tips…comment below!