High End Beauty Brands I Love!

I always try to share affordable beauty brands and my favorite drugstore deals (Wanna see some? Look here or here!) but today I want to show you where I SPLURGE, especially with the holidays coming up!!

I like to invest in some of my beauty products because they typically last longer and have a higher quality. I mostly look for high end products when buying brushes, skincare, lotions, etc. Here are my all-time favorite high end beauty brands. Some of these brands you may recognize and some may be new, but they are all amazing!!

Check out these high end brands:

  1. La Mer. AMAZING lotions, moisturizers, and foundations.

  2. Chanel Beauty. I'm obsessed with their lipsticks and eyeliners.

  3. YSL Beauty. The vinvyl lip is the best "matte" formula.

  4. Cle de Peau. One of my favorites for sure.

  5. Suqqu. I love their skin solution for a clear complexion, moisture, and that radiance everyone’s always talking about!

  6. Kjaer Weis. I was sold on the packaging alone, but the formulas are just as good. I love their lip tints, shop below!

  7. Tom Ford Beauty. Tom Ford kills it. Always.

  8. Sisley. Great skincare & their based in Paris, how chic!!!


So, if you're going to splurge or plan on buying a gift for someone this holiday season, be sure you're spending in the right places! To me, buying high end products always feels like more of an investment than a splurge. Shop my favorite high end products above & have a lovely week!!