How I Deal with Peach Fuzz (Hint: I <3 Dermaflash)

We’ve all got peach fuzz. For makeup to look perfect, it’s important to have a smooth face before you put anything on it. That lil hair gets in the way!!! Well ladies, I found the solution. ENTER: DERMAFLASH.


This product is my obsession. It not only gets rid of extra vellus hair (that’s what the thin small hair on your face is called. Yeah I got vocab words), but it also exfoliates your skin. Don’t let the razors scare you because it is easy, delicate and efficient. I use it every week and my skin is soooo smooth.

I’m not making any money to promote this, I just love it and want to share it. UR WELCOME.

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If you want to see how it really works, check out my latest video!!

THE CODE IN THE VIDEO IS WRONG!!! Everybody makes mistakes!!

Use JamieVIP 💋💋💋

Comment on the video if you try it!! Love you guys!