How To: Cateye with Glitter

Hello everybody!!! The holidays have come and gone and I hope you got to follow my #12DaysofJamieMakeup giveaways on Instagram! We gave away an IT Cosmetics brush, Peter Thomas Roth cucumber mask, SiO Beauty pads, and so much more fun stuff. I wish I could have given something to every single one of you!!!

LOTS of you have been asking about my makeup in the holiday giveaway videos (you’re too kind) so this is how to get that look! It’s a cateye with a twist - I add glitter to give it that holiday sparkle. Is this not a PERFECT look for New Years?!

In this video you can see how I use both eye shadow powder AND liquid liner to get a strong cateye (did you know using eye shadow to help outline the cateye helps a ton? No? Well now you do!!). It’s an easy look, but it intimidates people! Give it a try and tag me in a post if you do!!

I hope you like the look, and please leave a comment on YouTube and share if you feel so inclined. 😉 As always, let me know what else you’d like to see. I love answering your questions and making videos for you guys!

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Have an amazing New Years Eve and rock that cateye gurl!!