Husband Appreciation

This Tuesday was Son and Daughter Day, so I thought I’d continue this week by appreciating the other main person in my life— my husband Josh. Even though Father’s Day was a few months ago, I’d personally like to celebrate my husband on a daily basis because Josh is by far, the greatest father and husband ever. He works tirelessly all week, but comes home every night to play ninja with our daughter Leni and give our son Simon, his bath. Whenever I’m gone for work on the weekends, he is always there to fill the role of Mr. Mom: taking the kids to soccer practice or birthday parties. It's cute. It's modern. It's why I love him so much.

I grew up with a stay at home mom and the dynamics were pretty typical of the yuppie 80's! Although I had a great family, something always stuck out to me that wasn't kosher. I wasn't obsessed with the gender roles that were being portrayed. Now that I'm older and actually have my own family (wow that sounds weird), I like my family's approach. We both work hard in our "job" lives, and we both work hard with our family. Josh has changed more diapers than I have! The point is that we are equals in this relationship— there is no hierarchy. We support each other and we make sure that our family is taken care of!!!!!!

It's refreshing to me that families are changing. What I really celebrate is the modernization of family and the roles they play. It's not the same husband/father status from the past; it’s more present, understanding, and equal. So here's to all the husbands that clear tables, feed babies, vacuum, and hold their wives on pedestals. I celebrate you!