Get to Know the Inspiring Katie Sturino, Founder of Megababe and @the12ishstyle

Behind the fashion forward 12ish style and conscious everyday female products is a chic boss babe at the top of her game

Katie founded Megababe and The 12ish Style both with the purpose of encouraging women to feel more comfortable in their bodies and in who they are. A purpose I wholeheartedly stand behind! Love it!!

Meet Katie:

You have a really great journey. Where did you work before starting the 12ish style?

I worked in PR for ten years and I got to observe different ways that people grow their businesses. 

What inspired you to start The 12ish Style?

I was tired of not seeing anyone that looked like me in my style inspiration 

What challenges did you face when you were first starting the brand, and what would your advice be to other women with business ideas?

The challenge was that I had never made a product before so I was/am learning everything as I go. I don’t know the exact right thing to do and each product is very specific. All I can do is have to hope that what I was doing was right. I just tried to make a product that worked, that I was proud of. 

So Megababe is amazing and I'm obsessed. What inspired the idea for those products?

The first product we launched with was the Thigh Rescue stick. I wanted something to help with chafe and there was nothing on the market who was just trying to wear a dress with out her thighs burning up from chafe. I figured there was a reason that big beauty brands didn’t want to touch this problem that is so common for women, and I thought it was BS. 

Which Megababe product is your fav?

I love all of our products! But, if I could only take one product with me anywhere I would bring the Thigh Rescue stick because if I don’t have it I can’t wear dresses, shorts or skirts.

How would you describe your personal style? (I would describe yours as FIRE but this isn't about me). 

Like a giant kindergartener! 

Since you started the 12ish style, would you say you've seen improvement in the fashion industry when it comes to inclusivity? What are some things that should be happening, but aren't? And what are some things that can give us hope?

I would say there’s been a major improvement in inclusivity in the past two years, but a lot of it is for PR so that brands are not on the wrong side of the fight. A lot of it lacks follow through, so we will see who has staying power. 

I think a lot of us know that accepting who we are and finding confidence in ourselves is the real path to security, but sometimes it's easier said than done. We all struggle with that, and one of the things that makes me feel better during the not-so-good times is looking at your site and instagram. How do you pull yourself out of those holes? What do you tell yourself (and others) when you or they feel insecure about their bodies?

I think that people put a lot of importance on a number or on the scale. People have an expectation that if you are a certain weight or body type they will be happy, but the sooner you realize that isn’t true the better off you will be. 

(Preach, Katie!!)

What would you tell your younger self?

Exactly that ^  There is no destination for size, the size 6 wants to be a size 4 and the size 4 wants to be a size 2 and all you end up with is a room full of people who aren't happy with themselves. 

Since I'm a makeup gal, I've gotta ask: what's your must-have makeup brand or product?

I love Clé De Peau foundation and under eye concealer and I love Charlotte Tilbury eye liner

And where can people follow you??


The amaaazing Megababe products that are sure to cure your female woes:

Hope you loved meeting this fabulously fresh lady as much as I did!