Jamie Greenberg YouTube Re-Launch!

Oh hey guys! I took a little summer hiatus from my YouTube channel, but I'm back! Get ready for some new videos including a couple new features. Here's a little preview... keep an eye out for some sick dance moves at the end.

What's New On YouTube!?!

  • A Week In The Life Of Jamie Makeup

    • These videos will be an overview of my week with celebrity clients, behind the scenes fun, and some product features.

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    • Makeup Crashers

      • These videos will be on FB Live and will feature me CRASHING a friend/ celebrity client/ or fan's makeup.

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This week's video is a recreation of the show "The Swan" with Kaley Cuoco. We have so much fun behind the scenes and thought we'd share a bit of it with all of you. To shop all my products I mention in my videos, check out the Youtube Products Page on my blog.

Thanks for watching, stay updated by subscribing to my channel and comment below if you guys want to see anything specific!