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Hey Guys! Happy Friends Friday! I work with tons of other hair and makeup artists on the day to day. Most of them are amazing, but every once in a while, someone stands out and shines above the rest. One of my absolute favorites is Jeffrey Paul. Jeffrey is a hair & makeup artist with tons of experience in the industry. He also has an amazing eye for art. As if that isn't enough, he has an incredible personality and is so fun to work with! Here's a little interview I did with Jeffrey:

How long have you been in the industry?

Sometimes I think way too long, only…because I have seen so much change within the industry…it makes me feel old. Hahhaha. In Los Angeles I’ve been working 20 years in the industry but it's something I've been doing off and on for many years. I started working in the opera doing wigs and make up.  At the same time I was a chef at a restaurant and did both jobs simultaneously…  so, I’ve been doing it in various forms for long time, Opera, stage, TV, fashion, and red carpet.  Its funny because later in my life I have cooked for clients and did their grooming.

What does a typical day at work look like for you?

Each day varies, because of different demands of the job. I think a typical workday in the past, had a lot of preparation to it. Where you had to prepare a day ahead, because you had so many things to take care of, it was a lot of forethought.  Right now it’s immediate it’s fast and it can be a much quicker process. Nowadays is a lot more what they call a “do and go” we prep somebody get them ready and then you're done for the day. it's mostly because there's budget cuts and also people have bigger faster schedules.

A typical day for work for me could look like, me taking care of myself and getting into the right mood. That means getting up early and having tea and meditation to set myself right. if it’s a later call time, ill run to the gym.  But the prep for yourself before a client is important, they have so much going on in their worlds, you just don’t need to bring in your crap too.  I always have my kit ready to go. Run to the clients house and get them ready. I have my kit done in such a way that I can just begin without any set up time. For me it makes sense to work from the kit, then clean up is very fast.

Who was your first celebrity client?

I think that’s a funny question because my first celebrity clients actually were in the opera they were international world stars and I have no idea how big they were, I just knew that they were good singers. everybody came through the opera house, singers like, Shirley Verette, Luciano Pavarotti Placido Domingo and many others.   it’s funny one person I worked with back then, I recently bumped into at UCLA. he is a professor and when we met I said I think I did your makeup for La Boheme.  I still have pictures from back then which I later brought to him.

When I move to Los Angeles my first celebrity clients were Elizabeth Taylor, Sharon stone, Raquel Welch, Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Wagner but not in that order I don't who is first each of them all have their very specific interesting stories. Ill have to tell it another time.

What/who is a daily inspiration for you?

Inspiration is motivation to me, that's the same word. I try to find things that are so inspiring, that it will motivate me to move and to act on that inspiration. Color! that definitely makes us have a definite mood shift or feeling! Light. When I look at art, light is the one thing that shifts me and makes me think of makeup and how I can use it to relight a face! Architecture is also inspiring, because the time periods help us visualize the fashion, style and culture. We get to escape and dream. Right now Los Angeles is going into a big block white house look and that sucks! Its this giant house with windows that don’t face the sun. and its all white gray and black. How boring.

What are two everyday beauty tricks that anyone can incorporate into their daily routine?

  1. Remove congestion from the face, by a mask or steam or facial massage, not only with the face look better, it helps with clarity in the head too.

  2. Hydration. I know everyone says that, hahah but its true.

  3. Meditation, in case number 2 is already played out.

What's the first step in creating a red carpet look?

The first step in creating a red carpet look it's to know your overall picture of your client.

  1. What are they wearing?

  2. What is their style?

  3. What is their personality?

  4. Look at the features. Which ones are you showing off?

  5. Do you want the client to be very approachable or do you want them to have a unapproachable glamour? Both are good.

  6. Then skin, eyes, face, cheeks, and lips.

  7. Hair, prep, blow dry, curl if needed and set.

What three products would you most highly recommend?

Always always always mascara, concealer, and lip color.

What advice would you give to others who have the desire to pursue a career as a hair and makeup artist?

Study, learn, and know history before you hit the ground running.

Geez the first thing I would tell anybody learn your history learn style know fashion.  Being a artist is interpreting what came before you and communicating your interpretation of it. If you don’t know what is in the past for beauty and fashion, well I think you are missing a huge chunk of your own creativity. And pissing people off with your own ideas.

What have been the most challenging & rewarding parts about your career?

Right now I think the challenges dealing with all these people that think they can become an artist think they can become fantastic and famous, Not only the talent but also the stylists.

The true artistry is service you have to know what you are giving to the client. What will serve them better, its just not about you.

The reward, well I think its when you can help a person establish what they feel and think.  How do you help your client translate their image onto the carpet? How can you help your client stay current and relevant in the media we have today.

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