My Favorite Products from KIEHL’S

Here’s the thing: makeup isn’t effective if you don’t have a clean base to work with. Applying foundation to oily skin will result in a shiny finish that moves throughout the day, just like applying foundation to dry skin will result in an unnatural and uneven texture. Prepping and priming your skin pre-glam is incredibly important! Taking care of your skin goes beyond just washing your face. You should also take the time to find skincare—whether masks, serums, or moisturizers—that work great for your skin type. After all, if you improve your skin’s natural quality, it will require less makeup to enhance it. So, I thought I would share 3 fantastic products from one of my favorite skincare brands, Kiehl’s. Why Kiehl’s, you ask? Well, it recently hit Sephora’s shelves. It’s time to become familiar with the brand, since you might be seeing a lot more of it!

Ultra Facial Cream

Love this moisturizing cream. It’s rich, gentle, and sinks right into the skin. I use this before I apply foundation or concealer to make sure it stays even and natural-looking throughout the day. Just be sure to wait five minutes or so between applying this moisturizer and your makeup, just to make sure that your skin isn’t too slippery.


Skin Tone Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 50

Speaking of moisturizer, this BB cream is super hydrating. It’s a perfect mix of makeup and skincare, because the tint will cover imperfections, while vitamin C will clarify and brighten. The SPF 50 that’s included doesn’t hurt either (always remember sun protection, people!).


Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Finally, I adore this Midnight Recovery Concentrate. It’s a blend of powerful, soothing oils that hydrate and soften your skin while you sleep. I like to pat a few drops of this over my moisturizer each night before bed. I swear I wake up with extra glowy skin in the morning, which means I can opt for a lightweight or sheer foundation or concealer!


What are your Kiehl's favorites? Comment below!