Kiehl's Favorites For Oily Skin

My obsession runs deep with this company. I use it on some of my biggest celeb clients, aka Kailey Cuoco & Tracee Ellis Ross. Kiehl's just had a 20% off everything sale and I hope you were able to take advantage!! This line has products for every skin type, but today I'm focusing on everyone who fights oily skin!

A big misconception about having oily skin is that you should stay away from using a lot of products on your skin...uh, don’t listen to that BS. You can still use products, you just need to find the right ones for your specific skin concern.

Kiehl's is a natural line…I'll spare you the company background because I've mentioned it maybe once or twice before lol. The products I have pictured here are great for those of you ranging from normal to oily skin. They will help balance out and diminish the appearance of excess oils.

Kiehl's properly removes the excess oils without stripping our skin dry. With some products we can feel left overly dry and this will trick our skin into over producing oils. Ahhhh so bad! Not only do these Kiehl's products work well they also smell incredible!

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Happy wednesday y'all!!!