Obsessed with Lemonhead LA (Beyoncé's Favorite Glitter!!!)


I think people get a little intimidated with bold makeup looks. Strong lip colors, sharp eyeliner…I get it. It’s out of the comfort zone sometimes! One of the areas adults definitely shy away from happens to be one of my faaaavorite things to play around with. Yes, it’s glitter, and it’s great and I love it and I want you to love it too.

But glitter can feel too flashy, too childlike, or, let’s be real, too messy!! Even if we’re down to wear some glitter on a night out, it’s a hassle to get it on nicely and you end up with glitter in your hair for a whole week.

When my friend Megan Dugan sent me her new Lemonhead LA glitter product, I was floored. Not only was her glitter in a sort of balm, solving all the messy or complicated application issues, but it was perfect for anyone. There was subtle glitter, neon glitter, glow-in-the-dark, colorful, and red-carpet-style glitter. She called it glitter for adults and that summed it up perfectly.

This is not your mama's glitter. If you don’t think you can wear glitter, then this is the place to start. If you want to, you totally can, and this makes it ten times easier. Besides, Lemonhead is Beyoncé's go-to glitter, so you know it's good!!

Our video not only shows how to wear the glitter, but we talk about how Megan's business got started. She's such an inspiring businesswoman and if you're interested in a beauty product, the industry, or running a business in general, check it out!!




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A little Lemonhead on my clients Mae Whitman and Cardi Bones

Wanna see the video Megan and I did 3 years ago?? Check it out here!!


This is my challenge to you!!! Give some glitter a try and let me know what you think. You know you can always DM me on Instagram @JamieMakeup or email me at info@jamiemakeup.com!