Lip Gloss Is Back

I’m about to say something that might make some of you cringe…lip gloss is back. If that gives you horrible flash backs to 90’s frosted lips or even the early 2000’s super shiny look, then think again. These days, gloss formulas have been updated to be long wearing and light reflecting. (Think of them like lip gloss 2.0). Instead of lacquering it onto the lips until it looks like your lips are dripping with syrup, you can pat onto the center of your pout for a youthful sheen. Take a look at some of my favorite glossy products to incorporate into your makeup routine!

Glossier Lip Glosss

Glossier is a super popular brand, due to their killer products and equally killer packaging. This gloss is tinted pink in the bottle, but doesn’t really offer any color when applied. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though, since it can be layered over lipstick or your bare lips for a glossy nude look.

MILK MAKEUP Holographic Lip Gloss 

This holographic gloss comes in two shades, iridescent lavender and iridescent peach. I love both, but I have a special place in my heart for the lavender. It doesn’t look to purple on the lips—just glossy with a hint of a lilac sheen. It’s a cool-toned gloss that brings me back to the frosted lips of the 90’s but in a modern, 2017 way.

Maybelline Lip Studio Shine Shot Lip Topcoat

You guys know I love a good deal, which is why I think the drugstore is a fantastic place to shop for gloss. There are so many great products, but I love this one from Maybelline. The gloss is so…well…glossy, that it almost makes your lips look wet (but not over the top). My favorite way to use this is to apply over a bright matte lipstick, especially a bright pink or a vivid coral red. The result is glamorous, bold, and generally amazing.

Do you have a favorite lip gloss? Comment below!