Makeup Expiration Dates

Nothing lasts forever. And surprise, just like everything in life, your makeup too has an expiration! Don’t remember the last time you threw out your mascara or got new concealer? Well now’s the time to double check and throw those bad boys out!! The scary thing about makeup  is that they’re not required to place expiration dates on their products. So there’s no way of telling when something goes bad, unless you’re a makeup pro or use makeup frequently. No matter how much you may love that lipstick shade, it’s not worth compromising your skin and your health! You can always buy another one anyway. I mean, an excuse to go shopping? You don’t have to tell me twice!!! 

To extend your makeup’s shelf life, keep it out of changing or extreme temperatures, and always wash your hands before applying your makeup! For now, read my tips on when and what to throw out of your makeup bag!

3-4 Months:

Mascara.If you ever forget when you last bought your mascara, a good hint is the smell. When it starts to smell differently or weird, that’s a good indicator to throw it out!

Nail File. These should definitely be tossed out after 2-3 months. Your nails are filled with bacteria from doorknobs, car doors, bags, food and the hands you shake. Which means your nail file is filled with that same ickyness. Save your hands and fingers the shame and embarrassment and switch them out more often than you’d think. Depending on how often you use it.

Liquid Eyeliner.Anything that touches or goes near your eyes, you need to be especially careful about! It may have taken you awhile to perfect your cat eye with that liquid liner, but trust me— no vision is worth a measly black line.

*Keep a mental note of when these other products should be tossed out!!!

6 Months - 1 Year:

Face Wash

Eye Creams

Lip Gloss

1 Year - 1 ½ Years:


Tinted Moisturizer

Liquid Concealer

2 Years:

Nail Polish


Blush / Powders


Don’t forget to wash your brushes frequently to prevent any germ or bacteria spreading. Check out my post of my favorite makeup brushesfor every makeup application! Still skeptical about the products you use? Check out my post on Leaping Bunnyfor other ways you can be makeup saavy!!

Read this Women’s Health post about what happens to your skin when you use expired makeup! Eek!



(image via huffingtonpost)