Traveling Tips: What You Need in Your Carry-On

Deciding what beauty products you must have in your carry-on is extremely important and can vary depending on your reason for traveling. Are you a work commuter? Lucky vacationer? Or a little bit of both? Including the proper beauty items in your carry-on can make a difference between looking like the jet-lagged, "had a rough night" person, and the girl who’s ready to take on the world! Who do you wanna be?!

The Commuter or Vacay All Day

If you are traveling for work, as soon as you get off that plane you need to be looking 100% and ready to kick ass. That recycled air, annoying person seated next to you, the long flight, and those strict TSA liquid guidelines can definitely hold you back from looking totally fresh-faced. Don't worry, we can fake that!


The day before your flight, the day of your flight, and the day after your flight, load up on water!!! Traveling can easily dehydrate you and your skin. I double my normal intake of water starting a few days before my flight or road trip. Bring a reusable water container so you can fill it up after you get through security.


Once again your body is dehydrated while traveling so duhhhh that means your skin will be too. Make sure to use a good moisturizer on your face and body. I throw a travel size moisturizer in my bag for mid-flight touch ups. Moisturizing sprays are my go-to! I'm obsessed!!! They are easy to use and can instantly add a boost of hydration to your face. Not just for bare face travelers - spray right over your makeup to liven up the look.


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A good chapstick will make a difference! Mine always have SPF because I'm a solid believer in protecting your skin. It's up to you on which you choose, with or without sunscreen. Kiehl's has a butterstick or even Burt's Bees with a slight tint is perfect for the flight.


It's always hard to avoid snacking on processed foods when bored out of your mind, but try and prepare healthy snacks for the flight. In case you aren't able to do so make healthy choices when ordering off the in-flight menu. AVOID ALCOHOL!!! I know, I know, you probably hate me right now because that mimosa to kick off your trip to Vegas is calling your name, but don't do it!! Alcohol dehydrates you and can cause your makeup/skin to look flakey and dull by the end of the flight. Stick with the'll thank me later.

Some other important things I throw in my bag are: floss, gum/mints, hair tie, bobbi pins, eye drops, and a nail file. You can customize your "beauty bag" however you wish, but those are all my most used items while traveling.