My 5 Favorites: Mascaras

So heres the thing, finding the perfect mascara is tricky. They vary person to person. For example, a mascara that works incredibly well on one person and doesn't transfer (transfer black onto your eye lid) may not work well on another. It's somewhat of a trial and error thing, almost like finding the right bikini. Since I work with different people daily, I have tried a lot of mascaras. I mean, A LOT!! So today I'm sharing some tips and my personal favorites with you! 

Mascara tips & tricks:

  • Never pump your mascara wand inside the tube. This allows air in the tube & shortens it's lifespan.

  • When applying your mascara, wiggle from the bottom of your lashes up. My favorite technique!

  • If your mascara tends to transfer, try waterproof.

  • If you don't like wearing waterproof, put one coat of regular mascara (let it dry), then seal the lashes with a second coat of waterproof mascara not directly sitting on your naked lash. Boom, problem solved.

  • Lash curlers are amazing, you should be using on!

  • If you're applying false lashes: apply a coat of mascara first, then the lashes, then another coat of mascara to fuse together your lashes and the falsies.

My favorites:

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