My Nighttime Skincare Routine

I’ve been doing a lot of my skincare and makeup routines on Instagram Live, so make sure you’re checkin’ in on those! If you missed my nighttime skincare routine last week (or if you liked it and want to see it again!) here ya go!!

You definitely don’t have to use ALL of these products and steps, but these are the ones I’m using right now. There are also a few answers to your questions from the IG Live, so if you have questions, I can answer them in real time when you watch these live streams! (Can you tell I’m pumped about all these live streams? Yeah. Just a bit).

Check out the products below, and let me know if you have more questions!! Seriously let me know! DM me on Instagram! I will respond I PROMISE!! 💕




SPEAKING OF VITAMINS…here’s my vitamin video with Angelique Cabral! In case you were wondering my vitamin routine too. :)