NUDES from Maybelline

Whether you are going for that "no-makeup, makeup look" or just want a strong smoky eye, you'll need some good nudes. Oh c’mon, not like that. I'm talking a good nude palette or strong highlighters that will help you achieve either look.

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A few months ago I got these babies and I’ve been having a blast creating fun natural looks!! Maybelline is such a staple in beauty, everyone is familiar with their products and they are super easy to find. Just walk in to your local drugstore, they got 'em, or head on over to Ulta, they got 'em... the other day I even saw them in my local grocery store! A+ for accessibility.

Their new 24k Nude Palette is to die for. It has 12 gold, matte, and  shimmery colors that will allow you to go from a light/soft look to even the most sultry. This is that palette that you want in your over night bag.

For the lips, they’ve got a Solor Sensational Inti-Matte Nude. I't’s super moisturizing. One of the biggest concerns I often hear from y'all is if a Matte lip color will enhance the lines, well not this one!

As for highlighters, I love, love, love some Maybelline Face Studio Master Strobing Liquid Illuminating Highlighter.

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