OBSESSED with Celavive

I get so many questions about skincare, specifically about skincare routines and which products are good for different skin types. I looove Celavive because they have a wide variety of high-quality products that really can adapt to what you need. Not only does it do all the stuff we need out of skincare (clean, moisturize, tone, yada yada yada) but it’s also designed to naturally reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Best of all? You notice a difference FAST. That’s why it’s one of the main lines I recommend to clients!!

I originally fell in love with their eye serum (the Hydrating Eye Essence) which INSTANTLY reduced puffiness and dark circles. I started using it on my clients because I have to use products that work right away. We were all obsessed.

Here’s a little guide to how to use everything!!







As always, DM me on Instagram @JamieMakeup if you have any questions about Celavive or general skincare! And let me know what you want to see next on YouTube and the blog! Mwah 💋 love y’all.