Pink is IN and I Love It

This summer, my love for PINK EYESHADOW has developed into a full-on obsession. I can’t help it—pink shadow is fun and fresh, and it’s so much lighter than the brown and blue tones I know so well. It also fits the pastel makeup trend of the moment, bringing warmth and an extra pop of color to the face (if you need inspiration, just scroll through Pinterest or Instagram; pink shadow is everywhere!). Oh, and it’s totally wearable; it flatters every skin tone under the sun.  

If I’m headed into work, I’ll go for a dusting of blush-toned powder across my lids. If I’m headed to an evening dinner, I’ll go for a deeper and darker pink. Sometimes I add a clear gloss over the top for extra drama. The best part is that no matter which shade you prefer—whether a subtle rose or a bold magenta—you probably already have the products you need!


When I first decided to test the waters of the pink shadow trend, I grabbed my favorite blush. Because I had been using it on the apples of my cheeks for some time, I already knew that the particular color flattered me (in other words, I didn’t worry about the pinky shade clashing with my skin tone or washing me out). I applied the blush across my lids just like I would have applied an eye shadow. After a quick curl of the lashes, swipe of mascara, and a touch (or ten) of concealer, I was ready to go. Pink eyeshadow is here to stay.

becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Luminous Blush

This blush and highlighter duo from BECCA Cosmetics is my go to when I want a bold pink eye. I brush that beautiful Barbie pink across my lids, then I press the champagne-colored highlighter into the inner corner of my eyes and along my brow bone to add dimension.

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March jacobs beauty Air Blush Soft Glow Duo

I use this blush compact for a softer pink eye. I like this one, because it’s two-toned. The light, fleshy pink goes across the entire lid, while the darker rose color goes into the crease and outer corner of the eye.

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nyx jambo eye pencel 610-500x500.jpg

If you prefer a cream formula, this NYX jumbo eye pencil will do the trick. You can blend it out or layer it for deeper color.

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