Products and Tips for Sensitive Skin

I hear it ALL the time. “I have sensitive skin…HELP!!!!!!”

Well, this is for you! I went through some of the products and brands that I think are best for sensitive skin, and I’ve outlined some tips to help you work with the skin ya got! Many products are great for all skin types, and lots of times it comes down to HOW you are using them that makes the difference.

1) SKINCARE. It’s the meaning of life.

Maybe not the meaning of life. But it is very important!!!! I think some people expect me, a makeup artist, to always give them makeup answers to what they see as their skin problems. But makeup isn’t always the answer! Imagine Van Gogh trying to paint the sunflowers on styrofoam. It would be…interesting! Still nice! But not the same as painting on a nice-ass canvas! Your face is your canvas, and you’ve gotta prep it accordingly.

For sensitive skin, you want to use gentle products with clean ingredients. HERE ARE A FEW OF MY FAVES:

Chuda (literally every product from them)

Developed by neurosurgeon Dr. Elena Ocher (she’s no dummy) this brand focuses on HEALING your skin. Their moisturizer is literally called the Healing Hydrating Cream, and it was originally created to treat burn victims. The cream feels very heavy, but I promise you it’s worth it.

I also love their Exfoliating Cleanser because it’s gentle. The beads dissolve as you massage your face, so if you’re looking to exfoliate but find many products too harsh, this is perfect for you. Plus, we love a multitasking product (see Tip #3) so it’s nice to get the two-in-one with this. That way you’re not putting too much stuff on your skin!

And of course, we love an SPF (see Tip #2), so they’ve got a fabulous one as well!



iS Clinical Cleansing Complex

I use iS Clinical so much. I actually found it when my mom was going through chemo - the brand donates skincare to people going through treatment, which I think is so unbelievable. Not only are they a great line for skin, but they give back!!! Makes my heart warm. 💜

As you may know, treatments like chemo can severely affect your skin, and this brand is especially sensitive to that. Their Cleansing Complex will make a difference.


Tower 28 SOS Daily Rescue Facial Spray

Dare I say GAME CHANGER. This whole brand is made for sensitive skin. It’s 100% natural, dematologist tested, and even received the National Eczema Association’s Seal of Acceptance! Where my Eczema peeps at…you need this spray!!!

You can use it AM or PM over clean skin or to set makeup as needed. This is your solution to angry skin. It has hypochlorous acid (naturally found in your own white blood cells) that fights and defends your body from harmful bacteria and inflammation. It purifies, repairs and soothes. I love it so much.



Juice Beauty USDA Organic Treatment Oil

Juice Beauty is a line you should get to know. Not only is it all organic and scientifically based, but their products were designed with aging skin in mind. This specific oil hydrates, has strong antioxidants and nutrients, and it just feels great. Great for soothing dry spots and it’s ok for all skin types, not just sensitive.



2) GiMME an S, gimme a p, gimme an f…SPF!!!

ALWAYS apply a layer of sunscreen after your skincare routine and before your makeup. Then add more throughout the day.

If you’re not looking for sun protection out of your products, your skin is going to be so mad at you! There are some great moisturizing creams that have SPF, and I keep face sunscreen in my bag with me at all times. This doesn’t just apply to people with sensitive skin, but it does make an even bigger difference for skin that’s prone to issues.

I would list my favorites, but many of them are combined with other products, which brings me to my next tip…

3) Multitasking products are your best friends.

Less is more with lots of makeup. Look for products that do multiple things so you’re not putting a ton of chemicals and products on your face! First of all, you don’t need to put makeup all over. Foundation and concealer can be applied only where you feel you need it, and there are plenty of products that combine a lot of what you’re looking for. Tinted moisturizers, for example. Blush/highlighter duos. Primers with SPF. MANY things with SPF. We love a multitasker!!


Supergoop (like…everything)

ALL of their products are based around the understanding that SPF is key. Literally everything protects you from the sun!!! It’s unreal!! They have great sunscreen that is really easy on the skin, but their CC Creams, Setting Powder, Highlighting Stick, Tinted Moisturizers…they are all fabulous (and full of protection).

Burt’s Bees

We love an affordable, natural line!!

The Burt’s Bees BB Cream is a tinted cream with SPF, and you can get it at your drug store. Love that.

The All Aglow Lip/Cheek Stick also has a coconut center that adds a highilght to your cheek. That’s three-in-one: blush, highlight and lip. Plus, like I’ve said, it has natural ingredients that are great for your skin. This is one you can carry with you errrrywhere.


4) Clean your makeup tools. A lot.

Bacteria is a thing, people. Skin prone to breakouts or flare-ups (psoriasis, eczema, etc.) are especially affected by this, so ya gotta stay on top of it! I love Beautyblenders because not only are they gentle on your skin (get them damp before you use them…a lot of people don’t know that!), they’re easier to clean. But for all of your products, just clean them often.


ANY FINAL QUESTIONS ABOUT SENSITIVE SKIN? Email them my way at, or DM me on Instagram! @JamieMakeup

Hopefully this round-up is able to help you with your skin struggles, and please know I am always here to offer tips, product recommendations, and general support. 💕💕