Throwback: Rashida Jones Oscars After-Party 2017

Hello my loves!!

With Oscar nominations announced and the buzz underway, I thought I’d throw it back to Rashida’s gorgeous Oscars look from the Vanity Fair After-Party two years ago!

While most people probably remember the 2017 Oscars for its La La Land/Moonlight fiasco, I remember it for Rashida’s classic look! Dressed in a stunning Prada gown with a sleek low bun, she was dazzling and it was a joy to add the makeup. We stuck to products by Glossier and Sisley - the only one I used that wasn’t one of those brands were her hydrating eye masks. For those we used the Eye-V Moisture Boost Hydrogel Patcheshighly recommend.

Check out the video (my hair was so much darker!!), and take a look at some of my other throwback Oscar looks too! Here are some blog posts from Gillian Jacobs in 2016 and Rashida again in 2016.