How to REALLY cover up a pimple!

We all know the embarrassing feeling that comes with an unexpected breakout. It can be even more challenging when it comes to dealing with acne prone skin. No matter how many concealers you buy, none of them seem to be doing the job! Well, when it comes to really covering up those pimples, blemishes and other acne scars— it’s more than just one step!

  1. Make sure to thoroughly wash your face with CLEAN hands before applying any makeup (whether you have a pimple that day or not). Your face needs to be hydrated with a primer before applying concealer. The drier your skin, the more flaky the concealer will end up being!

  2. You’ll need a good color corrector to cancel out any redness and visible irritation before you apply your concealer.

  3. When selecting concealer to cover up your acne, choose a color closest to your skintone/foundation. This concealer should be a different shade than what you use under your eyes. Otherwise you’ll end up drawing even more attention to that area!

  4. Another great way to avoid attention to that unwanted area, is to play up your other great features! If you have a pimple in the center of your forehead, use a bold lip color to draw attention away from that third eye! LOL. or If you have a huge bad boy on your cheek or near your chin, play up your eyeshadow with a great smokey eye or fun Spring colors!