Son and Daughter Day

I absolutely love being a mom. Everyone said it was going to be hard, and it is. It's also  the most rewarding thing and so much fun. Last week, Leni and I went to Florida and had the best time together. We decided to leave the boys (my husband Josh and baby Simon) at home, and make this a fun girl's trip! Leni just loves getting pampered, and getting her nails done. She's also the cutest tomboy, who loves to play sports, or just look at nature. It's amazing to see life through her fresh eyes. I also love to take Simon everywhere. He loves to look at everything, drool and poop his pants! LOL. I  love spending time and doing anything with my kids!

I feel so lucky to have my career and my family. So this Son & Daughter Day, I just wanted to take the time to shoutout my amazing kids. I appreciate all the extra love, laughter and memories they bring into my life each day.

What are some great activities or moments with your kids that you'd like to share? Comment below!