STATEMENT LIPS: Bite + Make Up Forever Acrylip


OMG I love Bite. It’s handmade, yessss I said handmade, with all-natural & organic ingredients. Their pigments are amazing and they glide right on. I love, love, love their lip pencils - creamy and whipped so the application is just perfect. They’ve been around for a little while, but I'm newer to their product lines. After testing them on myself I have decided to use on a few of my celeb clientele and they are just as obsessed!!!!

Also…Bite is pretty affordable! They recently sent me a bunch of their neutral shades and I've been wearing them during the last few #EPMA guys be the judge of these colors.


Make Up Forever has been my go-to long-lasting makeup line for a while. Their Artist Acrylip is perfect to create that glossy pout, and it will LAST. There are a bunch of different colors so if you're in the mood to standout, or maybe to just blend in, they have you covered.  I also love their Ultra HD Lip Booster - perfect to wear as a base or alone!