SWEAT Cosmetics Giveaway

Happy Monday Y'all! I hope everyone had a super fun and family filled three day weekend. During my last #EPMA video I announced that I'll be giving away another dope goodie bag! This one is full of different SWEAT products and all around perfect for that active person. I received a ton of feedback on social from y'all; it seems most of you have never heard of this wonderful company. Well to say the least, i'm in love with their products and want to share some more details on them.

SWEAT Cosmetics was created by a team of professional woman soccer players who were tired of sweating all their makeup off. We have all heard a billion times that you should not wear makeup when you plan on working out or doing anything that  may lead to sweating and opening those pores, but SWEAT Cosmetics is here to change that!! Being as the creators/ founders of this company have a very active lifestyle they needed a product that would hold up and not hurt their skin.

This natural, hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, and overall high performance mineral makeup is there to protect your skin and amplify our beauty! If you plan on working out indoors or outdoors, they've got you covered with SPF to help fight those excess UV rays. Yayyyy, you all know I'm a huuuuuge SPF fan... can't ever use enough!!

In today's world the majority of us are leading very busy lives, all you mom's out there know what I'm talking about, but that doesn't mean we have to skip on our makeup. SWEAT cosmetics is perfect for that person who has minimal time to workout and then plans on rushing over to pick up the kids from school or heading back into work. No more removing your makeup and reapplying! This stuff is lightweight and lasts me through an intense hour workout.

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