The 9 Essentials to Pack for a Night Out


We’ve all been there…as a wedding guest, a night out with girlfriends, NYE party… how do we get all our goodies into our tiny cute clutch? And what is truly essential to bring if I want to keep my look fresh all night long? I’ve got you covered! I did this super fun piece with my gals over at Good Day LA and narrowed it down to just 9 items that will save your night. Check it out!

Read the Article on Good Day LA HERE!

Here’s the lineup:

1. Fix Oily Skin
A quick and easy (and cheap!) way to get rid of shine are blot sheets. Oh and they’re in a small little package that fits neatly in any purse. These are sure to keep you looking fresh all night long. If the blot sheets don’t cut it, dab a sponge in your go-to powder or concealer and pop it in a snack-size baggy. You can even cut a Beauty Blender into a smaller sponge so it fits. Done!

3. Freshen Up Your Color
Check if your concealer comes in a more compact size. Oh and an option with a wand is sooo helpful for quick re-applying.

3. For Your Lips
I bet you can nab your fave lipstick in a small size, too! OR you can even take a lip brush, dab it in the lipstick, seal it back up and “Voila!” you’re good to go.

4. Pump Up Your Lashes
Keep your lashes looking great throughout the night with an extra coat of mascara (again! find a small version of your fave mascara, or bring a curler to curl those lashes again when needed.

5. Fix Fly-Aways
Life hack! Dab your finger in a mild moisturizer and smooth out fly-aways. Also, it doubles as an actual moisturizer, duh. Keep the options compact of course!

6. Compact Nail Kit
You can get a small nail kit at Marshalls honestly!! You just never know when you’ll need a tweezer or something. Always good to have.

7. Get Your Night Routine Started Early
Makeup. Remover. Wipes. These take up no space so they’re a no-brainer. And since we all know the struggle of taking our makeup off after a long night out, start the process early and do this on your way home! Uber driver won’t mind.

8. Eye Masks  
Love me some eye masks. Also a great way to freshen up on your way home. The Wander Beauty Baggage Claim masks keep you glamorous too since they’re gold and pretty. SKINCARE…BUT MAKE IT FASHION. Use code WBJamie for 15% off on Wander Beauty!

9. Stay Minty Fresh
Smallest and most powerful tool in the clutch: gum.