Throwback: Makeup with Natasha Lyonne (from Russian Doll on Netflix!)

So I just started watching Russian Doll on Netflix and it is SO GOOD. Are you watching?!

I thought I’d throw it back to this video I made with the star of Russian Doll, (and one of the creators too), Natasha Lyonne! You may also know her from that little show, Orange is the New Black, no big deal…jk, huge deal. Natasha is not only a great actor, but she’s just naturally hilarious. It’s insane. Watch the video. You’ll see what I mean.

She also has a great sense of what makeup style she likes, so it was fun to help her achieve it here. We called this the “easy peasy” because, well, it’s pretty easy!! This look had to accomplish two things: 1) look fire, duh, and 2) last a long time!!

We kept it minimal - just nudes and golds on the eyes (MAC Eyeshadow in ‘Kid’ and Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette in Golden Goddess #4) , then liner on the lash line that was free to smudge a little throughout the day. We like when makeup doesn’t look too perfect and has a natural wear to it, so that’s what we did!

Check out the products below, and let me know on Instagram @JamieMakeup if you watch Russian Doll!! Or if you have any other TV recommendations!





PS. . .

Speaking of Orange is the New Black, have you seen this video?? It’s an oldie but a goodie. I used whatever you might be able to access from a prison commissary to make a glaaaam makeup look. Ok, maybe not quite glam, but I think it was pretty creative! Check it out!