Tips for the Perfect Summer Girls Trip


I just got back from a weekend trip with my ladies and it reinforced that I’m the luckiest girl in the world. Not only do I have a job that I love but it’s brought me to some of my favorite friends of all time. What more could I ask for?

Somehow we still can’t always find the time to hang out. Life gets busy between all of our jobs and families, and while working together is great, it’s still work! It’s that treasured hang time that we can never seem to get, and I’m sure you can relate. Whether it’s a true long distance friendship or a nearby gal pal who you still don’t see enough, a girls trip is so, so necessary. And the summer is the perfect time to do it!!

Here’s a list of thoughts based on my latest summer girls getaway. Hopefully we can help you plan your next one, or inspire you to plan your first one!! Your girlfriends will thank you, and your soul will thank you too. ❤️

TIP #1: Pack the essentials…and only the essentials.

Since we’re talking about summer girls trips, we’re looking at vacation spots that bring the heat. You’re gonna wanna jump in the pool, get out in the sun, and have heart-to-hearts while you get those tans on.

There are two things I think you should consider when packing up your makeup bag: first, you’re traveling. You want to keep it light and easy. Next, you’re there to relax, and it might be nice to let your skin relax too! I’m not saying ditch the makeup and skincare all together (nooooo way). I’m just saying that the formula for feeling gorgeous on vacation is simple: a few favorite products that you love + a few favorite people that you love + a few fabulous sunny vaca days = a happy, glowing YOU. Whatever products make you feel your absolute best are the ones you should pack. Add a strong SPF for protection and you’re ready to embrace your beauty with the women who probably find you even more beautiful than you do (I hope you think you’re beautiful! You should! You are!!! But I get how it can be 💜 if you’re ever feeling insecure, time with the girls is some of the best medicine).

I asked Kaley and Teeny what some of their must-have travel products are, and I threw in a few of my own. Check them out and let me know what yours are (DM me @JamieMakeup):


TIP #2: Put aside a tchotchke budget.

I get 10 points for spelling that Yiddish word right. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT LADIES. No matter where you go, you must browse the gift shop. Try on everything. Every pair of funky classes, every hat you think you’d never pull off…this is your costume party! And let me make one thing clear: you are never too old for costume parties.

You might be disgusted by what you find. I found salt and pepper shakers where the salt and pepper came out of boobies (see below). But you might also be delighted by what you find, and in those cases you may walk away with some crazy memory that was well worth it. For our Palm Springs trip, we went with the tie-dye T-shirts. Perfect for pride month, perfect for Palm Springs, and perfect to remind us of our crazy trip every time we throw it on to go to bed. Let yourself splurge on a tchotchke or two. It may seem tacky and cheap, but the memory it carries will always be invaluable.

Some of our tchotchke finds…whaddaya think?


TIP #3: Go with the girls who make you feel your best.


This does not have to be a large number. A few close friends who mean the world is all you need. I’m talking about the people who light up when they see you walk into a room. They’ll make you feel HAWT in that bathing suit you might be nervous to bring out. They’ll make you feel like a star when you decide to take the dance floor at a bar where no one’s dancing…in fact, they’ll dance with you! They will not tear you down, pick at your insecurities, or make you feel anything less than you deserve. Instead, they will know what you need, know what you love, and know how to help you get it.

Keep these people close, and if you can’t see them as much as you’d like, a girls trip is the perfect solution.

TIP #4: Make a playlist. Guilty pleasure songs encouraged.

This is extremely important for a road trip, but it is also very valuable for your hotel room/AirBnB/camping tent/wherever-you’re-staying!! What’s better than jamming with your girls as you get ready for dinner? What’s better than waking up to that song you all admitted to loving even though it might very well be an objectively bad song? And road trip singing? Nothing beats it! Make this playlist a top priority (and have fun with it)!!


It’s super easy to make a collaborative playlist on Spotify or Apple Music, and it’s such a fun way to get excited about an upcoming trip. Try it!

TIP #5: Don’t worry so much about where you are. Just enjoy being together!

You could take a private jet to Bermuda or a Prius to Palm Springs. Doesn’t matter where you go or how much you want to spend, and you should keep that in mind from the start. If you’re bogged down worrying about spending too much or making sure everyone is having a good time, you ain’t doin’ it right!!! You don’t need to go somewhere that will break the bank and you DO need to remember that you’re there to be together. That way, if your car breaks down on the road trip, if your flight gets delayed, if your food comes out cold or if you drop your makeup bag and everything breaks (a nightmare), you can take a deep breath and remember that it doesn’t matter. You’re with your best friends! That’s the most important thing.

Besides, if you do break all your makeup, your friends will let you use theirs! After all, they’ll know you would do the same for them any day.

Those are my tips for your trips!! What are you doing this summer? I’d love to hear about it (and offer any beauty advice you might need in preparation). DM me on Instagram or email to let me know!