Friends Friday | Hair Stylist Tommy Buckett

Happy Friends Fri-yay!! This week has been absolutely crazy, between the Emmys aftermath, sick kids, and more. I'm ready for the weekend & about 72 naps. Today on Friends Friday, I am introducing you all to the man himself... TOMMY BUCKETT! Anyone that is interested in hair styling or being in the industry in general would benefit from reading his interview. Tommy Buckett is incredibly qualified, talented, & hard working. Tell my people what's up Tommy.

TOMMY: Ok sooooooo first things first, I'm da realest!!

JAMIE: How long have you been in the industry?

TOMMY: I have been in the industry for 15 years. I started when I was 12 (so you do the math to find my true age). Kidding! I went to beauty school in 2001 when I was 20 years old.

JAMIE: What specifically drew you to hair styling?

TOMMY: I have always love hair! Ever since I was very little. Cutting my cousins Barbies hair into Mohawks with long braided rat tails.  I thought they would love the new look I gave them. But they did not and I had to replace a lot of Barbies back in the day. Which led me to middle school where I think I dyed all my friends hair with Glintz to make them look like Angela (Claire Daines) from My So Called Life. My mother had a very good friend that owned a beauty shop in the town I grew up in. I remember loving the smell of the place and having all that product to play with all day. I felt special when I used Paul Mitchell or Biolage for the first time. I guess I'm lucky now that I picked the best career for myself.

JAMIE: Since you are typically New York based, how would you compare East Coast to West Coast hair styling?

TOMMY: East Coast vs West Coast hairdressing  to some is also compared to the battle btwn east and west coast rap in 90s. I feel the difference is California girls are unforgettable, daisy dukes, bikinis on top, sun-kissed skin, so hot, they’ll melt your Popsicle,  ohhhh ohhh ohhhhh. Basically I feel west coast girls always want messy beach hair or braids and east coast always want shiny hair that looks like they didn't try too hard. I feel like east coast girls are not afraid of trying out new things or trends they see from fashion.

JAMIE: Who has been your favorite celebrity client to work with?

TOMMY: My favorite celebrity client thus far to work with would probably be...... (Drum roll).... I'm going to be very Swedish with this and say they all have qualities of being my favorite. That's the thing about this business. You get to meet and work with all types and everyone is different or special in their own way.

JAMIE: What are some everyday hair care tricks that anyone can incorporate into their beauty routine?

TOMMY: Some tricks that everyone can do is…

  1. Get hair healthy and use a weekly mask.

  2. Play with natural texture and find the right products that work for you.

  3. Use product that will makes styling easier for you.

  4. If you blow dry your hair, learn how to do it right and the blowout will last longer.

JAMIE: Who has been an impactful inspiration or mentor to you in the industry?

TOMMY: There have been many people that have affected me in my industry. I'm lucky in New York because the majority of leaders in the industry are here. I would have to say my boss Serge Normant is one person I strive to emulate. Talented and very down to earth and never boastful or arrogant about anything. Also he shows his staff tricks or ways of styling and cutting all the time.

JAMIE: What three products would you recommend for hair styling?

TOMMY: Three products I will always have is mouse for body and light hold kerastase is my favorite. Shu Uemura essence oil. Amazing on all hair types for shine and frizz control. Serge Normant hairspray, you can keep building it on for gold and texture.