Turn Your Shower into a SPA with the OctoVie Skincare Brush

OctoVie describes their brush as a “mini spa,” and I think their marketing team did a damn good job with that slogan. I tried their skincare brush recently and adored it - it truly does feel like a spa treatment and it works super well.

Now I don’t wanna gross you out, but your hands are nasty, hun. Think about all the places they go all day…I don’t need to spell it out for you. When we wake up in the morning or get ready for bed at night, we use these dirty little hands to wash our faces. Even if we’re washing them enough or using hand sanitizers (personally really into the Touchland hand sanitizer sprays right now, just sayin), they still carry oils that are not great for the skin.


Or maybe you use a wash cloth or loofa or something fun you found at Bed Bath and Beyond. Those things get full of germs too!! After all, you’re rubbing your germs onto them and letting them sit damp for a while. I’ll stop with the gross imagery now, but the point is that it’s better for our skin if we’re not using these things when we wash!!

The OctoVie Skincare Brush does everything you want to do for your skin, and it does so in a much more sanitary way. Massage your skin with it to exfoliate and remove all that dead skin cell build-up, dirt, oil, and any make-up that’s still lingering. It helps stimulate circulation, oxygenate and detox your skin, and the shape fits into small creases where you need to. After you’re done, it’s so easy to clean and dries quickly so bacteria won’t build up inside it. I used it in the shower to wash my face and my body. It’s a game-changer, truly!!!!


It’s pretty easy, people.

For washing your face, add cleanser or your favorite skincare product and massage into your skin in a circular motion. The brush is designed in a way that’s easy to use. It doesn’t slip or anything like that, even when it’s wet.

For washing your body, throw that thing in the shower!! Using your soap of choice, rub all over your body in a circular motion.

And it’s cute!!! Isn’t it cute?? I think it’s cute.

And it’s cute!!! Isn’t it cute?? I think it’s cute.

It feels like a massage!!! I love any product that considers the sensory experience since I think that’s worth a lot more than we realize.

Check it out here and let me know what you think!!