Vi PEEL: My Face Peeled Off!!!



Vi Peel stands for Vitality Institute. Basically, it’s a medical grade peel that painlessly helps your skin do exactly what it says: peel. A bunch of chemicals (Vitamin C, Salicylic Acid, and Phenol to name a few, if you’re into that science stuff) works to safely take away damaged layers. It helps with cellular turnover and it solves a long list of skin problems, which leads me to…


So many things!!!

  • It can treat hyperpigmentation (darker patches usually caused by sun damage, inflammation, or skin damage) and melasma (brown patches on the face sometimes caused by sun damage, pregnancy, birth control pills, stress or thyroid diseases)

  • It can reverse sun damage, which is HUGE for so many people. I get asked all the time about how to reverse this, and while laser treatment is usually my recommendation, I’ve recently found that this works well too.

  • It leaves your skin smooth and improves the overall texture.

  • It clears or reduces acne and acne scars. Your girl needed help with this big time - I have that bad habit of performing minor surgeries on my zits instead of letting them heel the way I should. Scarring is real, y’all, but I saw a difference after this Vi Peel.

  • It gets the collagen movin’! As skin ages, this slows down. Activating collagen growth and elastin production is so important for maintaining healthy, youthful-looking skin. This reduces fine lines and wrinkles too.



The procedure was pretty wild. I went to Vi Peel in BEVERLY HILLS? and they started with some before pics. Just to show me what’s up.

Holy shit y’all…those pictures show EVERYTHING. Apparently my skin’s age was freakin’ 45 (I am younger than 45, people!!!) and I was ready to throw a fit. But I took a deep breath, put on my big girl pants, accepted the skin damage that’s come with living life, loving the sun and having three babies, and embraced what the Vi Peel could do for me.

Then they dove in with the procedure. First they cleaned my skin and removed all the oils. It was important for the Vi Peel chemicals to get in there, and you need a clean surface for that. Just the way that you should wash your skin before applying toners and such!

The peel chemicals were warm and tingly, but not painful. Pretty quickly my skin started to get red. Check out the video…you can tell that something was working!

After the procedure, I couldn’t sweat for the day, so it was a good excuse to stay in bed and watch trash TV. Whoops!


The peeling began! Dun dun dun…I became a snake, you guys. It starts around your mouth and just melts away. Very Raiders of the Lost Ark. Just kidding.

Even at this stage, it didn’t hurt unless I started to peel it beyond what it was naturally doing. That stung a lil bit.

The best day to get this done is probably a Wednesday. That way you start peeling Friday and don’t have to show up to work looking like a foot with blisters.


Peeling went down and my skin felt like a baby’s bottom!


Go to to learn about all of their procedures, or you can shop their products online! They’re the real deal.